Shadows of Belvedere synopsis

Shadows of Belvedere 1926 (1’43”)

Produced by the II State Cinema factory (Yalta)
Dir. A.D. Anoshenko.
Screenplay – A.S. Zolin
Director – A.D. Anoshenko
Camera – V.P. Lemke
Design – V.M. Muler

Shadows of Belvedere is a full length feature made in Yalta (Ukraine) in 1926. It is a fiercely anti Polish Propaganda film, about antisemitism and chauvinism in Polish Society. In the centre of the story is a simple love story or Romeo and Juliette. Here Romeo is a Polish Aristocrat and Juliette is a poor Jewish woman who arrived from Kiev with her old father. Polish Society reacts against this alliance. As a result of Society intrigue at the highest official level, corruption and manipulation of the Law and police intervention, the young ouple are charged with high treason and sentenced to death. The couple are allowed to escape with their lives if they leave Poland forever.

This film show us many extraordinary scenes including a crowd scene demonstration by the War Wounded of Poland, a secret lodge gathering, a Society masked ball, all using highly imaginative early cinematography.

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