Programme I

1 L’chaim 1910  (9’20”)  dir A. Mietr and K. Ganzen
The first film made that shows Jewish life from the inside. Considered to be the “birth” of Jewish cinema.

2 Sara’s Grief 1913 (13’43”)  dir  A. Arkatov.

One of the first Jewish cinema dramas about moral, religious and emotional ethics.

3 Jews and the Land 1927 (17’46”)  dir Abram Room.

This extraordinay documentary describes Soviet Russia’s attempt to create a colony of collective farms of Jews, in Crimea in the 1920s.

4 Against Fathers’ Will (Mabul) 1926 (43’30)  dir  Evgeny Ivanov-Barkov.

Based on Shalom Aleichem’s story, Flow of Blood, this film depicts the participation of Jews in the 1905 Revolution.

Programme II

Shadows of Belvedere 1926 (1’43”), dir.A.D. Anoshenko

A fiercely anti Polish Propaganda film, about antisemitism and chauvinism in Polish Society

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